Starting out in the Greek market in the olive oil sector in the early 1900’s, MINERVA has become one of the largest food companies in the country, with significant export activity. Today, in its second century of life, MINERVA is setting its vision for the future: investment in sustainable development and viability of the rural economy. 

During its 115 years of operations, MINERVA has switched from trade to industry, invested in Greek production and established industrial plants. It has strengthened its relations with Greek farmers and expanded its activities from the olive oil sector to a wide range of food categories. It has built strong brands that have won over Greek consumers and gained their trust while helping to promote Greek products and the Mediterranean diet in 25 countries around the world.

Top quality olive oil, the fruit of the Greek land, inextricably links MINERVA with Greek agricultural production and the Greek village. The company’s margarines, butters and cheese products, specifically Greek feta, are based on traditional Greek flavours and highlight the values of the Mediterranean diet. At the same time, they are innovative, the result of years of research, offering the consumer healthy choices for a correct and balanced diet. Strategic partnerships in the field of functional food, investments in the cheese sector, acquisitions of companies and strong brand names, a wide range of organic products, all make MINERVA one of the most dynamic food companies in Greece today.