Vision – Values

MINERVA’s dynamic growth is based on the timeless values ​​that govern its operation, its continuous efforts, its passion for quality as well as the responsibility it demonstrates towards Greek society and the environment.

Today, in the second century of our company’s life, our vision for the future continues to grow and encompasses the inspiration we give people from all around the world to come closer through the Greek Mediterranean diet.

At MINERVA we believe that the way in which the results are achieved is as important as the results themselves. We have developed a corporate culture in which our people can progress and collaborate effectively as a team.

Our values ​​guide our activities, guide the decision-making process, and determine how we interact with all stakeholders.

CHANGE: Pursue and embrace change and innovation and initiate new and improved ways of working to achieve goals.
COMMITMENT TO PERFORMANCE: Pursue goals with passion and take personal responsibility to deliver results.
COLLABORATION: Cooperate effectively with all stakeholders across the organization to reach common goals.