The company’s production activities take place in Schimatari, Boeotia, where the central production unit is located, in Ioannina with its cheese production plant, in Andravida, Ileia, with its milk collection station, and the tomato products factory in Gastouni, Ileia.


Expansion of production was initially based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, with a view to respecting society, employees and the environment. A key corporate principle is the respect and implementation of European environmental protection legislation across the company’s industrial production, which is fully in line with today’s energy needs, making MINERVA a valuable partner in the sustainable development dialogue.

Central offices

165 Tatoiou Ave. & Odysseos St.
Metamorphosis, 144 52

Tel: 210 2854200

Fax: 210 2854209
Consumer Line (toll free): 800 11 28282


Minerva locations on map

The state-of-the-art plant in Schimatari is one of the best in Europe. Here the most cutting-edge technological methods of production and standardization coexist with respect for Greek nature. Standardization of olive oil and a butter production and spreads unit, complete the image of a plant that fulfils the visions of the new generation of the company.

Patima, Schimatari, 32009


The state-of-the-art milk collection station at Andravida has been operating since 2009 as a key link in the supply chain serving the Ioannina plant. It has a milk collection and transhipment line, with separate production lines for organic and conventional products.

610km Athens – Pyrgos National Road, Andravida, 27051

Episkopiko Ioannina

The cheese production plant in Episkopiko, Ioannina, which was incorporated into the company in 2008, since has been constantly evolving, with modernization and expansion programmes, new production lines and new products. It includes cheese production lines and an organic milk storage and organic cheese production line.

Agios Dimitrios – Episkopiko, 45500


The tomato products factory is located on the northwest side of the Peloponnese in the prefecture of Ilia and next to the town of Gastouni. The factory was incorporated into the company’s portfolio in 2021.

The factory produces Pummaro and Pelargos brands, applying a Sustainable agricultural development program in collaboration with 100 local farmers for over a decade. In this way it contributes to increase the quantity and quality of the industrial produced tomato, while at the same time it constantly supports the Sustainability of the agricultural economy, the local community and protects the Environment.

72km Patra – Pyrgos Old National Road, 273 00
Gastouni, Ileia

Northern Greece Branch

Minerva’s Northern Greece Branch
8 Kalapothaki St., PC: 54624
Thessaloniki, 2nd floor