New Horio Praline, one more Minerva innovation

28 MAY 2019

Investing in high quality products and expanding its Horio range, Minerva is introducing the new Horio Praline, an innovative product with high nutritional value. 

Horio Praline is a fresh spread, made from 47% milk and authentic Belgian hazelnut chocolate, which gives it the rich flavour of fresh praline. The innovation lies in its composition, with 40% less sugar and 60% less fat, while it is rich in fibre and does not contain palm oil.

It is the only product on the market that combines low fat and high nutritional value, making it suitable for children and people on low calorie and low fat diets.

Horio Praline is a refrigerated product that spreads easily and is ideal for a delicious breakfast or snack. 

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