Minerva stands by Greek schools

23 MAR 2014

Society-oriented actions are always a strategic priority for Minerva SA, particularly in the present difficult socioeconomic circumstances, where the objective is to promote the values of cohesiveness, solidarity and giving. 

In the framework of its corporate social responsibility programmes, Minerva continues its charitable work in schools throughout Greece, helping to cover their special needs. It has recently provided teaching equipment (interactive whiteboards and projection equipment) to 12 schools in various Greek regions, from Macedonia and Epirus to Attica, the Peloponnese and the Aegean islands. It has also donated heating oil and preschool equipment to schools and kindergartens in Elis and Ioannina.

At the same time, Minerva supports the work of NGOs and agencies working with vulnerable social groups and children in need, among which are associations of friends of persons and children in need and charitable institutions.

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