Minerva presents New Horio Light with 30% less salt and authentic flavour

26 JUN 2017

Minerva continues to expand its Horio product range with one more high quality product, the new Horio Light. The outcome of months-long research in Minerva laboratories, it is made from 100% sheep and goats’ milk in the village of Episkopiko, in Epirus.

Horio Light has only 12% fat and 30% less salt, while retaining all the authentic Horio flavour because it is made in the traditional way and is matured for at least 3 months.

The novelty of the new product lies in its new composition, as it is the only product on the market to combine low fat and less salt, and is therefore ideal for people on special low calorie and low fat diets. Moreover, its authentic unique flavour makes it the perfect complement to every cooking venture.

The new Horio Light will be loved by those with traditional tastes, because it is neither the salt, nor the fat, but the “Horio”, the village, that gives it its flavour.

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