MINERVA participates in the implementation of the KAINOXIDO research project

24 APR 2020

MINERVA S.A. EDIBLE OILS & FOOD ENTERPRISES participates in the implementation of the Research project with the acronym KAINOXIDO (“New Vinegar”) and project title “Innovative production of new vinegar products and technological development through the application of new techniques in their production process”, code number STER1-0025441, MIS 5056122, under the call for proposal no. 69579 / EYKE1093 of the Special Service for State Aid, “Support for Research Projects, Technological Development and Innovation in RIS3 sectors within the Sterea Ellada OP (Operational Programme) 2014-2020”, funded by the Sterea Ellada (Central Greece) Region and the NSRF 2014-2020.

The project focuses on the development of new vinegar from wine, cider and pomegranate, with or without petimezi (concentrated grape juice), combining the result of large-scale, rapid industrial production in tanks with the organoleptic and qualitative result of the Orleans process, using a micro-oxygenation device.

At the same time, the vinegar produced will age rapidly in tanks using aromatics to give a final aroma to the vinegar, again using the micro-oxygenation process and device simulating the aging in oak barrels that requires long periods of time. A comparative analysis will be performed of the quality indicators and the stability of the new products and of the same conventional ones produced from the same raw materials.

Having succeeded in producing the aforementioned top-quality vinegar an innovative vinegar product will be produced enclosed in spheres using the innovative spherification method. The goal is to encourage consumers to use the new product instead of liquid vinegar, for a flavor burst-in-the-mouth effect. The product will undergo all the necessary analyses for safety and stability during storage.

All the above will be scaled up to an industrial level for mass production by the company participating in the proposal. The purpose of the research project will, therefore, be to develop new methodologies and new vinegar products using technologies that are already available on the market and which could easily be applied in the company’s production process.

For the implementation of the project, the company will collaborate with the Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP), which belongs to the HELLENIC AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION – DEMETER. The total budget of the project is €483,500.00 and its implementation period is 3 years. For more information please contact Mr. Kostas Antonopoulos, project manager MINERVA S.A.

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