With organized export activity since the 1950’s, MINERVA is the largest exporter of bottled olive oil in Greece. Development of international activities is an essential part of the company’s strategy and in recent years it has emerged as an important player on the export scene, contributing to the promotion of Greek products abroad.

Its products are exported to 30 countries spanning 5 continents through a vast distribution network, which gives consumers all around the world the opportunity to experience the true taste of olive oil and the quality of Greek products.

MINERVA is promoting a comprehensive ‘’basket’’ of Greek products – containing the basic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine – with the aim of becoming an ambassador for the quality of Greek products. Items such as olive oil, white cheeses, margarines, organic foods, balsamic vinegar and balsamic creams,  give foreign consumers the chance to experience the authentic taste and quality of Greek food and of the Mediterranean diet.

Today, MINERVA’s export activity is steadily growing at a rate of 15%, through new product promotional strategies and new partnerships. MINERVA’s goal is to further expand both its target markets and its export basket, thereby contributing to the promotion of Greek products worldwide.