Aware of the catalytic role that ones diet affects the human body, MINERVA is fully aware of the responsibility it has undertaken towards consumers, both regarding safety, as well as, the quality of the products that are offered. With its long experience, depth in knowledge and expertise and the continued and significant investment in technology and know-how, MINERVA safeguards the relationship and trust built with consumers and continues to respect the Greek consumer by ensuring for its products all the conditions which have made them stand out in the Greek market for over 100 years.

Staying true to the timeless values that nurtured it and that determined MINERVA’s attitude towards consumers, MINERVA promises to continue to responsibly and respectfully deal with the Greek consumer, the environment, Greek nature, as well as, the MINERVA family of employees and collaborators. This family give their best on a daily basis in order to create products that become an integral part of Greek life.

Responsibility for MINERVA is synonymous to: