Why work with us

An integral part of MINERVA over the years is its people. And how wouldn’t it be, when their contribution has given the company a century of life and we are already going through the next one! MINERVA’s strategy and culture focuses on its people as they are the driving force behind its business continuity and future growth.

All employees of MINERVA bring passion, integrity and a sense of fun to what they do. We share persistence on creating high quality products, while on the same time our people are the reason our customers trust us.

Our open culture means that our people can influence at all levels, really making the difference in our business. We appreciate the ideas of all and encourage our people to talk, challenge and experiment.

Dynamic Brands

Our goal is to enhance the daily lives of the people who trust us with our products and create moments of pleasure. The name of MINERVA is well known and our brands have become the favorites of consumers around the world.

Development and Capabilities

Our CAN DO culture is distinguished by ambition and mobilization. In MINERVA we are looking for innovative ideas, flexibility, recognition of opportunities and the real desire to achieve goals both as individuals and as members of a group. 


At MINERVA you can look forward to a range of generous benefits as part of a two-way relationship between employee and employer.

For us, the reward is directly linked to our values, behavior and belief that the way we do things is just as important as the end result. We want to attract the best talents and we want to keep them here. That is why it is important to have a fair reward from the moment they join MINERVA and throughout their career. Our reward programs are not just about providing competitive packages on the market. They encourage and reward outstanding performance and focus on the overall reward package, rather than just one element. They include benefit plans such as health, retirement and recognition.

We believe that this holistic approach to rewards helps to increase employee performance and commitment, which contributes to meeting our goals.


It’s all about having the right attitude, values and behaviours. If you’re ambitious, self-motivated, hardworking and a team player, there’s no end to the development opportunities available. 

From early career development, through to in-function and leadership development delivered through the right mix of training and relevant hands-on experiential learning; whether that’s getting involved in a strategic project or working across functions or regions. We value “learning by doing”, and our talent management activities aim to drive just that. Not only to build the capabilities needed today and in the future, but to ensure our employees have the opportunity to grow by working across diverse business functions, categories and geographies.

Recruitment – Job Opportunities

Our goal is to choose the best human resources with the required capabilities for each position, based solely on their knowledge and experience, consistent with our commitment to non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all. The selection process involves a series of necessary steps and the use of specialized tools to ensure a meritocratic and objective decision.

A world of opportunities

Are you looking for a job with opportunities and challenges? Then the only thing you have to do is apply at MINERVA. Whether you are working in an office space, production environment, workshop or innovation center, you will be part of an ecosystem where each member has a distinct and vital role.

In addition, working alongside your proficient executives gives you the opportunity to develop and enrich your abilities, creating an exciting career.