Trainees programs

Do you want to start your career in a place that your opinion will have its own momentum? We are here to help you succeed from the very first day. At the same time, we invest on you to increase your capabilities and improve your strengths through multidisciplinary training in special programs such as Management Trainees and Departmental Trainees.

At MINERVA we believe that our country’s new generation is made up of talented people who, with their fresh ideas and perspectives, will lead them to the next century of success. Hence, we couldn’t but be close to their start, offering them the incentives and experiences that will turn them to tomorrow’s leaders.

Management Trainees 

The main philosophy of the Program is Management Trainees working in various departments of the company in order to develop an expanded knowledge of the business. The program has two directions: Supply Chain (Logistics, Supply Planning, Production, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Procurement) and General Direction (Commercial Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales) and the structure of the program is adapted to the direction selected.

Benefits are bidirectional for both young people and the organization.

An exciting experience

The comments of those who have already completed or are currently involved in the programs were positive, giving us the impetus to keep going even more dynamically, improving them continuously.

“Seize the opportunity” is my message to the participants of the program! It is a great personal satisfaction when your work within the management trainee program is recognized by the company. It’s what motivates you to take on new tasks or even challenges. I recommend the program unreservedly to any graduate who wants to face new and interesting challenges every day! “

“For me, it is especially important to have the opportunity to know different parts of the organization, and you are actually contributing to the realization of demanding but also interesting projects. Through MINERVA’s management trainee program, I gained a more complete picture of the organization. “

“I think it’s a unique opportunity for me! It is a very good experience through which I understand how the structure of the organization is.”


Discover your potential and envision how you would like your professional career to be in the future. Do your internship with us and you will have the opportunity to practically experience the course you have studied by actively participating in a variety of projects. Send us your resume at, expressing your interest for the time you would like to implement your internship and we will contact you!