In MINERVA’s over 100 years of success in the food industry, MINERVA has proven its dedication to quality and it’s priority to the consumer, thus establishing a relationship of respect and mutual trust. Within this context and wanting to offer the best possible quality at all times with pioneering products that respond to consumer needs, MINERVA turned early on to the area of research and development. The investment to R&D includes both the technical infrastructure, as well as, a highly skilled, scientific workforce.

As early as 1957, when the olive oil processing plant was built in Moschato, up to the production base in Schmiatari and the cheese production unit in Episkopiko of Ioannina, MINERVA has been actively and vigilantly showing its commitment to the consumer.  This consistent infrastructure upgrades, modernizations and investments also upgrade the production methods and standards, while at the same time conducting extensive research to ensure the best quality products and the high standards that govern the production conditions.

The results of this systematic upgrading of logistics and scientific research conduct that MINERVA supports is the high quality of its products, which can be seen in:

  • The quality of the raw materials selected for the production of all MINERVA products
  • MINERVA’s utilization of geographic areas that statistically have the greatest possible biodiversity of food existing in Greek nature, as well as, the best quality raw materials from which they are manufactures (for example, the selection of the southwest region of the Peloponnese and Laconia as areas from which to harvest olives that create the olive oils bearing the MINERVA stamp of approval, this is a result of thorough investigation that proved that these specific areas produce statistically the best olive oil)
  • Respecting both the traditional and innovative methods used during the production of MINERVA products (for example, production of Feta using natural not chemical rennet, the practice of Good Agricultural Practices of sustainable development, strict adherence of the principle of organic farming that much be followed during the production of organic products and more)
  • The strict framework followed during taste tests conducted by MINERVA through its specialized sensory panel and a group of external consultants, who taste MINERVA products in order to ensure that they all meet the expectations of consumers for authenticity in taste
  • The continuous quality checks that MINERVA products undergo from a special team of scientists, which are designed to ensure the safety of MINERVA products for the consumer’s health, whether they these products are traditional or from a more innovative line of products (such as the natural stanols contained in MINERVA BENECOL: scientific research guarantees the product’s safety regarding the way in which they enter into and are excreted by the body, without causing harmful side effects).

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