MINERVA is the oldest edible oil production company in Greece. During its more than 100 years of existence, day by day, year by year, MINERVA accomplished its objective changing from a merchandising business into a comprehensive olive oil production company; it jumped from the olive oil merchandise to the industrial circle of production, to the standardization and merchandising of olive oil products.

This step forward was completed with the construction and continuous development of the new and dynamic olive oil production factory in Moschato (Athens). The combination of the beliefs and business strategies of the two partners kept the original vision of the company alive and by renewing it constantly the company managed to celebrate this year its 100th birthday.

MINERVA is now covering its second century of life and today is one of the country’s largest companies in the food and personal care industry. In 1993, the company decided upon the construction of a modern factory in Schimatari with the total cost of investment reaching the amount of 35 million euros. It was designed to be a factory featuring the latest technological equipment that would be able to accomplish all the desired plans for the company’s development in both, the national and international market.

Along with this decision for investing in new factory facilities, the commercial activity of the company continued its dynamic course towards success. The company wanted to increase its income and its share in the market by covering all the retail points of the country. For this reason the company decided to support the transportation of its products in every possible way and it therefore decided to participate in the transportation expenses of its retail representatives in order to achieve the desired sales increase.

Investments took place in various areas of the country, both in human resources as well as technological equipment (e.g. by providing refrigerators to our partners), while the distribution centres in the various areas of Greece were either newly created or reinforced in order to provide our clients with the best possible services.

In June 1994 the works for the construction of the new factory in Schimatari began and were moving at a rapid pace. As a result of this, in December 1996 part of the packaging section of the factory – the margarine production section, more precisely – was completed. The intense construction works continued until April 1997 when a disastrous fire caused significant damages to the entire packaging unit of the factory which was about to be completed. After this incident, the completion of the new factory was delayed for two more years at the least.
In 1999 the vision for the technological modernization and relocation of the company’s production unit from Moschato, were it used to be, to Schimatari of Viotia becomes reality. The new MINERVA factory is now fully operational and ready to fulfill the dreams and visions of the new generation at the helm of the company.

Today, MINERVA is still a company that remains concentrated on its timeless values: the constant effort for excellent quality products based on the needs of its consumers. Because one century of life has proven that the products which don’t betray the consumer’s trust can become timeless.

With the power deriving from its own people and with same passion for quality and respect since the first day of its existence, MINERVA claims, in the dawn of its second century of existence, the characteristic of a dynamic and constantly developing company.

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