Our vision is to create a leading company in the food industry by developing innovative products which the consumer can trust and which will promote the values of the Mediterranean diet. We wish to achieve this through high performance practices which will ensure profitability for the company and prosperity for the society.


We set challenges for ourselves and for other, and question the established way of working whenever appropriate. We have the strength, will and determination to begin, to realize things and to carry them through.


We are all supporters of our company. We take personal responsibility for achieving our goals and do what we say we are going to do. We act with candorm integrity and trust. We ask for help, admit and restore our mistakes.


Regardless of the division, geographic location or country in which we work, we are part of the same company. We work towards a common goal through collaboration and teamwork.


We tirelessly chase success. We attack every day with the energy, passion and persistence needed to exceed expectations.


We are professionals and celebrate success with purpose and pride. We achieve our goals without boasting.


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