The state-of-the-art MINERVA factory in Schimatari of Viotia denotes the fulfillment of a long and visionary plan regarding the technological modernization of the company; a combined result of the concepts and business strategies shared with the Paterson Zochonis Group.

Accomplishing a program of effective investments which reached the amount of 50 million euros, MINERVA created a state-of-the-art factory in terms of technology; undoubtedly one of the best in Europe. In the new factory in Schimatari of Viotia, the ultra modern technological methods of production and packaging exist together with the true respect for the environment and the Greek nature.

The factory having begun operating in 1999, is ready to fulfil the visions of the new generation at the helm of the company. The expansions and modernization investments are unceasing in order to cover the constantly growing needs for new products.

Episkopiko, Ioannina

In 1989 the cheese production factory in Episkopiko of Ioannina started being built. This undertaking was an initiative started by four cheese producers, the K.T.M.I. (Ioannina Dairy Syndicate) PINDOS SA and it concluded in 1991. The products it produced were feta, kasseri cheese, graviera (Greek gruyere), kefalograviera (Greek gruyere variety), kefalotiri (Greek parmesan) and pecorino.

In 1993 PINDOS SA collaborated the FAGE SA, modernized it’s machinery and equipment and building infrastructure and continued to produce only Feta P.D.O. From it’s original land size of 24,000m2 and a building of 2,000m2, it expanded to reach 79,000m2 land and 5,500m2 building size. The infrastructure has the capacity to process 70-75 tons of goat’s milk and the annual production of 3,000-3,500 tons of feta cheese.

MINERVA bought the factory in 2008 from FAGE and investment that the company is projected to make in the coming years for the acquisition, expansion and modernization is estimated at 10 million euros; currently the factory employees 58 individuals.

The expansion into dairy products is part of MINERVA’s strategy and with this acquisition the company is expanding into another brand of the food market, thus expanding the range of its exported products as well.

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