Directly connected to Greek farming tradition and nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet and after 63 years of systematic presence in the international realm, exported MINERVA products are the most important ambassador of the quality of Greek traditional products. Through a wide distribution network that includes 27 distribution points, including the USA, Canada, UAE and Australia, MINERVA allows consumers to partake of authentic flavor and high quality. MINERVA International products are present in all 5 continents: products like classic extra virgin olive oil, PDO Feta cheese, PDO Organic Feta Cheese made of 100% goat’s milk, infused white cheese, olive and olive paste from selected varieties of Greece (Kalamata and organic Kalamata olives, Amfissis olives, green olives from Chalkidiki), margarine with olive oil and Greek yogurt and organic margarine with organic Greek olive oil, MINERVA cheese spreads with feta combined with Greek yogurt or sundried tomatoes.