MINERVA Ltd. Development objectives

MINERVA Ltd. following its strategy for expanding its activities in new fields of the wider food industry is expanding in the cheese products’ market. In accordance with this strategy, MINERVA proceeded in the acquisition of a cheese production unit from the FAGE company. This production unit is located in Ioannina and specializes in the production of cheese products and more precisely in the production of Feta cheese. In this factory there is a workforce of 60 employees.

MINERVA’s objective is the expansion of the company’s activities in various types of cheese, besides Feta cheese, under the strong brand names the company holds in the Greek and international markets. An investment plan for the modernization and expansion of the factory and the production process will start immediately through investments in up-to-date equipment and modern production and packaging systems in order to increase and improve the process and the quality of the products produced at the factory.

The entire investment plan of MINERVA for the acquisition, expansion and modernization of the factory is expected to reach the amount of 10 million euros within the next three years. The expansion of MINERVA in the cheese market constitutes a strategic choice with fundamental objective the increase of the exported products and their combined marketing.

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