At MINERVA we harbor a high level of respect towards the environment and sustainability of its productive resources. Conscious of the importance that sustainability has to evolution, MINERVA undertakes the corporate responsibility and acts on that sense of responsibility by actively participating in the global innitiative for Sustainable Development.

Looking ahead with an innovative and pioneering spirit, MINERVA since November 2011 has been producing the HORIO Sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the production of which occurs using Good Agricultural Practices (cultivation of olive groves with mild methods that do not additionally burden the environment, limit the use of pesticides, reduce carbon footprint, full use of by-products, optimal water consumption etc.). This is a first step in creating a range of products and actions that will follow in subsequent years.

MINERVA enhances the sustainability and viability of the Greek countryside and of its residing population by actively participating in the global innitiative to perserve and enhance the riches that man enjoys from nature. Given that natural resources are not inexhaustible and that the communities living off of them need support into to perserve their viability, sustainability is now an urgent need that requites regular care, on a national and international level. MINERVA plans and implements the vision of Sustainable Development in order to achieve maximum enjoyment of the goods that the environment has without affecting the natural production of these goods in sufficient quantities for generations to come, always taking into account the protection of the environment and the viability of its wealth.

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