MINERVA, loyally committed to its values, respects the envrionment and the consumer and actively proves that by implementing organic farming methods for the production of all products within its sizeable range.

Organic farming guarantees the higher quality and nutritional value of the products, while simultaneously taking care of the ecosystem’s balance. MINERVA does this by strictly following natural processes during all production stages of the raw materials used, which means that all processes that include chemical preperation or interfere with natural and free development of plants and animals are excluded. Thus, MINERVA ensures the highest levels of quality and nutritional value for the consumer, while respecting the environment.

By following law regarding organic farming practices that post as a prerequisite to fallow the land, not use synthetic chemical pesticides on crops, the free grazing of all animals, as well as, breeding said animals exclusively with uncontaminated plants, MINERVA assumes the corporate responsibility towards the environment and the consumer. MINERVA produces pure products, that promote good health, while ensuring the necessary respect to nature.

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