With a historic course of more than 100 years, MINERVA respects the effects its business activities have on society. It invests in the continuous development of its employees, minimizes the risk of its effect on the environment, respects human rights and contributes constructively to society.

Basic business principle of MINERVA is the respect and the implementation of the European legislation for the protection of the environment throughout the entire production process; a principle which complies perfectly with the energy needs of our times elevating MINERVA to a precious partner in the dialogue for sustainable development.

With continuous investments in the production unit of Schimatari in Viotia, MINERVA has achieved the complete replacement of fuel use by gas, the continuous reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of non-renewable raw materials. Furthermore, the factory has an environmentally friendly sewage treatment system which is a true model of environmental sensibility and business responsibility.

The business activities of MINERVA are ISO 14001 (Eurocert) certified, while the packaging materials used are constantly improved with respect to the principles of recycling.

Promoting good health and balanced diet MINERVA was among the first companies in Greece to include on its labels the Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) for the best possible information of the consumers regarding the nutritional values of its products. At the same time MINERVA continues to create innovative products, which offer multiple benefits for the consumer’s health and balanced daily diet.

Understanding thoroughly the internationally increasing problem of obesity, and most of all the problem of childhood obesity, MINERVA contributes actively to the effort of the European Platform for the defense of obesity and supports the significant initiatives of the public organizations by its active participation in campaigns for the prevention of obesity and education of young people about good health. Moreover, it contributes to the systematic education of the school children regarding the benefits of olive oil and the olive by organizing special educational programs.

With the power that is coming from its own people and with same passion for quality and respect since the first day of its existence, MINERVA claims the characteristic of a dynamic and constantly developing company.

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