Founded in 1904, Minerva is the longest established manufacturer in Edible Oils and fats in the Greek market. Our superior quality is widely recognized in the demanding Greek market, where we currently are market leaders of extra virgin olive oil and olive pomace oil. The products we select to produce are interconnected with the Greek agricultural tradition and authentic tastes based on the values of the famous Mediterranean nutrition.

Ever since 1950, Minerva exports its products in all 5 continents. The products are distributed through a vast distribution network, which gives the opportunity to the consumer (global consumer) to get to know the real taste of olive oil and the quality of the Greek products.

To this end, the company has created a “basket” of Greek traditional products – basic ingredients of the Mediterranean kitchen – with the aim to make the Minerva brand the ambassador of quality of the Greek products.

The combination of Greece’s climate, sea and sun, as well as the technology involved in the production of Minerva products, guarantees the authenticity and quality of our products.

The successful entrance in different food categories and the recent expansion to the market of organic products, places Minerva among the top Food Greek companies.

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