Our goal is to select the right person, with the necessary sill to fill every job position at the right time. The process we follow carries great importance and weight and for this reason we make sure that it is stable, participatory and as objective and merit-based as possible. The recruitment process of the Human Resources department includes a series of necessary steps, such as resume evaluation, interviews, skill tests, exercises, selection centers.

a) Career tracks offered

b) Why work at MINERVA?

– Benefits :The benefits include everything that an employee would receive- wages, healthcare, wellness programs and retirement plans.– Development:Efficiency Management is the best way to achieve better results as they relate to the employees, to groups or to the organization as a whole. Such an administrative process establishes and maintains a common understanding regarding:What needs to be achieved,How and by what standards it will be achieved, Focusing on management and employee development, Increasing the possibility of success. Performance Management is a cycle that includes five basic phases: Design and Planning (this includes setting individual and group goals, planning work habit improvement, personal training and development, setting KPIs) Management and Guidance (includes guidance, counseling and feedback) Performance Review (includes official performance reviews and performance evaluation / measurement) Performance Reward (includes rewards, promotions and enrichment of work and skills, awards, salary increases) and finally, Employee Development (includes the planning and implementation of training and development activities). – Recognition: MINERVA recognizes and rewards all employee work habits, achievements and initiatives that promote the desired values and contribute to achieving company goals through the Human Resources Recognition and Reward Program it has established, «Live the Values.»

c) Candidate Support

– Recruitment and Selection Process : Step 1: Sending your Resume – Upon receiving your resume a member of the selection committee will carefully read through it and cross-check it with the position’s requirements. If we contact you, we will inform you of the next steps. Step 2: Evaluation – At MINERVA we offer a variety of modes of two-way communication during the selection and recruitment process. Depending on the role, location and schedule, we may begin a dialogue with you by phone, internet (Skype) or a meeting. MINERVA uses exact and objective methods in addition to personal interviews, such as, Psychological Tests, Evaluation Centers, Stress Exercises, all of which aim to evaluation future MINERVA employees on merit. Step 3: Job Offer & Starting Work – The MINERVA team works hard so as to ensure that the correct recruitment decision is made for both the candidates and the company. The job offer is completed during a meeting with a member of our team. In the event that you are selected for a specific role after the evaluation process you will be informed. If you agree with MINERVA’s job offer, you will receive analytical information regarding the beginning of our collaboration. – CV Tips : Consider the following while you are writing your CV: Place more relevant work experience in the beginning so as to ensure that they are noticed Emphasize your strong points that relate to the specific position Use words / actions that will make your resume stand out Highlight your achievements by including results and supporting data, instead of itemizing a list of your responsibilities Use bullet points with short sentences to structure your CV Your font size should be not smaller than 10 and should not exceed 2-3 pages Frequently update your resume so as to ensure that you record your most recent achievements. – Interview Tips : During your interview you will be asked to provide exact examples of your academic and professional achievements. Although we cannot reveal exactly what will be covered, we can provide tips that you can use during your next interview: Be yourselfNot everyone can survive or stand out in every environment. That is why it is important to achieve the best possible match for yourself and the organization. The interview will give both sides the opportunity (candidate and company) to examine the match and ensure a successful relationship. The interview will be more effective if you are yourselves, speak honestly and show your personality. Know information about our companyMINERVA is a company with consumer products, so we expect you to know certain things about our products. In addition, we suggest that you get acquiainted with our industry, the challenges we face and our competition. A good place to start is with our company website, as well as, our brands’ websites. Show Passion –  Passion is one of the main characteristics that make our employees succeed. It is not just passion about our products and our industry, but passion for learning, evolving and succeeding. Show us the issues about which you are passionate and how you believe you can use that passion to succeed at MINERVA. Interview us as wellYou are undergoing a decision process that will affect your career for years to come. Cease the opportunity and ask questions about MINERVA, how we develop our organization, people and vision. Ask us about the issues that are important to us.

d) Send your CV

You may send your CV along with a photograph at:

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